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Bushcraft Wilderness Camp



Learn about surviving and thriving in the natural environment. From building a den to lighting a fire using sticks, hand-carving wood to rope and twine-making, the Wilderness Camp will teach you everything you need to know about surviving in the Wilderness!

Each of our four main daily lectures will be delivered by Bob Podesta, who spent 27 years in the British Army, 25 of which were with the SAS. Following each presentation come and join us and try out these essential bushcraft skills for yourself. For more information about Bob, click here.

On Saturday, Nick Spellman, Animal Man, will be bringing along a number of live animals for your children to learn about and interact with. For more information about Nick, click here.


Bushcraft Wilderness Camp - Friday & Sunday
Time Speaker Lecture
11.00 Bob Podesta Fire-Lighting Lecture
13.30 Bob Podesta Trapping Lecture
15.00 Bob Podesta Bushcraft Team Challenge*
16.30 Bob Podesta Skinning & Cooking Lecture


Bushcraft Wilderness Camp - Saturday
Time  Speaker  Lecture
11.00 Nick Spellman Animal Man
12.30  Bob Podesta Fire-Lighting Lecture
14.00 Nick Spellman Animal Man
15.00  Bob Podesta Bushcraft Team Challenge*
15.30  Bob Podesta Trapping Lecture
16.30  Bob Podesta Skinning & Cooking Lecture


*At 3pm each day prepare yourself to take on the “Bushcraft Team Challenge”, where A Squadron will set your family or group of friends a team task to test your survival abilities against other teams to win a coveted A Squadron dog tag – are you up to the challenge?!



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